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Dienstag, 25. März 2014

Miyavi - Journal du Japon

Auf Journal du Japon erschien kürzlich anlässlich seines Frankreich-Besuches auch ein Interview mit folgenden Bildern:

Auf Flickr gibt es vom Fotografen noch mehr Bilder:




Der Fotograf schrieb dazu übrigens:

"It was quite fascinating to talk to this guy. I like his music of course, but after this little chat, I admire the man. While answering a question, he got off the point and said that sentence which touched me a lot : "Everyday is Day 1. You can start over at any time, any day. It's never too late" It's quite simple, but in the end it's hard to follow that path. This is the path I try to follow right now, so having that man saying things like that, in a way, it reinforced my choices."

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