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Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

Miyavi Interview Koneko Magazine Nr. 63 (english translation)

English translation of the german Interviewarticle in the Koneko Magazine Nr. 63, July 2014.


On March 26,  Miyavi rocked Berlin during his "Slap the World Tour 2014"! The Guitargod and loving family man can not be ignored in the japanese music scene- with a good reason.

There is hardly no other musician, who makes such a good mood and who know, how to make his audience feel so hot. It's not surprising, that we can't miss a interview with him.

Koneko (K)
Miyavi (M)

K: You've just finished your Europe tour.  Which impressions could you take?
M: Like every tour it was really stressful.
The schedule was really tight.
Right at the beginning we had 4 shows in a row in 4 different cities, so we had to sit every evening in the plane and had barely time to take a rest after a show. But like on every tour we had also a lot of fun. Particularly after my last album was released in Europe too, so that my fans could sing along this time much better. Also the fact to tour to many different countries encouraged me.
How did you particularly seen the German audience?

M: It seemed like my german fans
particularly like to sing my japanese songs and they speak out the words so good!

What do you think: where did your great success outside of Japan comes from?
M: I really don't know. I also don't know, what other people do or not. I only can say, that I always try to spread my message through my music into the world.

Do you have some special rituals before going on stage?
M: I pray.
I always pray together with my drummer Bobo and imagine, that the music we make together, go beyond the sky and sounds all over the world.

K: When you are on stage with all your make-up, do you become a character? Is 'Miyavi' like an character for you?
M: No, on the stage I only be myself. This 'Me' let my wear make-up, but Miyavi is no person. I'm always Miyavi. Even if I play with my kids in the park.

K: What do you think: Are you still Visual Kei? What is Visual Kei for you?
M: Honestly I don't care, where people classify me. If I want, I put on make up, and sometimes not. I try to create something new as an artist. And that you can simply
judge assessed on the basis of my music and my feelings through my performance on stage.

If you have to describe your music to someone who didn't knew it, what would you say?
M: Maybe something like "Guitar Dance Rock".

Where do you get your inspiration from?
M: From the daily life.

K: Who influenced your creativity the most?
M: Everybody around me. My fans, my family and especially my two sweet little Ladies.

K: Your fans call you "Samurai Guitarist". What does that mean?
A samurai is a traditional soldier. I think the people call me that, because they think, I play the guitar like a samurai use his sword.

K: The way you play your guitar is really impressive. How do you create that special style?
M: As a japanese artist, I want to do something different, something special, when I play such a western instrument. Because to set myself apart from other artists. So I pick up a bit the style of some bass player like Marcus Miller, Larry Graham etc.
and personalized it.

K: Do you have some guitar idols?
M: A lot. For example Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robert Johnson.

K: Do you remember the first song, that you have ever played on guitar?
M: When I put the guitar for the first time, I played the notes C to B
and I noticed, that the guitar be the thing in my life.

K: If you could learn a new instrument
, what would it be?
M: The Shamisen, a traditional japanese instrument, a bit similar to a guitar.

How do you manage to find the balance between your life as a musician and your family? Between being a daddy and being a rockstar?
M: My family support me so much, that I don't have to split my life between being daddy and rockstar.

K: Does your kids actually listen to your music?

M: Yes, they could sing every of my songs and dance to it.

K: In the near future, what's in your schedule?
M: More worldtours, record more songs, a
nd also a bit more time for more sleep.

Original interview: Koneko Magazin (Germany)
Translation: Co-Miyavi Germany (Aki)

(Please excuse the grammar errors.)

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